Griffon Picnic May 2015

Griffon Winter Picnic and Walk.

May 2015

If you go down to the woods today 

You are sure of a big surprise

For every Griffon that ever there was

Has gathered there together because

Today's the day the Griffons have their picnic


On May 31st 2015, we held our Griffon picnic and walk at the beautiful grounds of Fagens Park. Despite the fatc that the preceding week had been solid rain, the picnic day stayed fairly dry. It was cold and bleak but the Griffons did not let that deter them. 

We had 34 griffons attend and of course they brought their owners. The Griffons had a run and games together before lunch and then we all went for a big Griffon walk around the park.



Scenes from the Picnic


Setting off on the Walk


















The Club members and Griffons at the Picnic










Playing before lunch









Enjoying the Picnic lunch





Contact Details

Secretary: Marousa Polias - [email protected]