2014-2015 point score results

2014-2015 Point Score Competition Final Results

The 2014-20115 points score had 10 designated shows for members, in different regions of NSW but the cancellation of Albion Park show due to flooding,meant that the final results were drawn from 9 shows in total.

There were 30 dogs competing in both Open and Puppy competition.

The nominated shows are selected 12 months in advance and the jsudges for the shows are unknown until the show schedules are published.

Open Point Score Results

The winner of the competition by a comfortable margin was the red rough dog, Gr Ch Balliol Gellert Grindalwald, making it the 3rd time he has won the point score.

Bred by Michelle Parker Brien of Balliol Griffons he is owned by Michelle and Jannelle Tremenheere and always handled by Jannelle. On his way to his point score win he also won a Runner up in Group award as well.

Winner- Gr Ch Balliol Gellert Grindalwald


In second place was his sister, Ch Balliol Gertie Giggles- bred, owned and handled by Michelle Parker Brien.


2nd Place- Ch Balliol Gertie Giggles                                       

The other top 10 placegetters were:

3rd Place - Ch/Neuter Ch Balliol Fezzywig Fever- M Parker Brien

4th Place - Ch Raweke Toffee Truffle - J Tremenheere

5th Place - Ch Rosndae Charlies Angel - R & D Finch

6th Place - Ch/Neuter Ch Raweke Bunty Bear- M Parker Brien & C Parker

7th Place - Rosndae Upper Crust - R & D Finch

8th Place- Ch Raweke Apple Cider - J Wistuba & M Parker Brien

9th Place- Sup Ch Cricklewood Night of Magic in Paris - A Barber & M Parker Brien

10th Place - Ch Nagpuni Midnight Mischief-  T Odell

3rd Place- Ch/Neuter Ch Balliol Fezzywig Fever


5th place- Ch Rosndae Charlies Angel







6th place Ch/ Neuter Ch Raweke Bunty Bear


Puppy Point Score Results

The Puppy Point Score is open to all Griffons between the age of 3 months nad 18 momths and saw 11 puppies competing, some going out of the competition as they turned 18 months of age and other joining the competition as they entered the baby puppy classes. Some of these puppies will be able to compete in the next competition as well, having just entered baby Puppy class.

The Puppy Point score winner was Ch Raweke Toffee Truffle, bred by S Thomas and owned and handled by Jannelle Tremenheere .

Winner of puppy competition and 4th place in Open competition- Ch Raweke Toffee Truffle

The rest of the puppy placegetters were:

2nd Place - Rosndae Upper Crust - R & D Finch

3rd Place - Ch Balliol Impish Incantation - M Parker Brien

Equal 4th Place -  Ch Tzani Tigger Brat Bunny - R,K & E Bell

Ch Balliol Jinny Juniper - A Barber & M Parker Brien

6th Place - Rosndae Twinkle Toes- R & D Finch

7th Place - Raweke Toby Lannister - S Thomas

Equal 8th Place -  Raweke Bart - L Hollingshead

Nagpuni Harry Hashtag - T Odell

Shigriff Sexy and I know It - C Elder & M Gurney

2nd Place Puppy point score and 7th place in the Open competition- Rosndae Upper Crust

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