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Rescue Stories

The club runs a rescue for all Griffons and tries to liaise with pounds, Rescue groups and the RSPCA.
We are also contacted by people who have seen our club website. Fortunately there are not a huge number of Griffons needing rescue because most breeders are responsible and do not breed excessively.
However with the increase in breeders who are breeding Griffons for purely commercial reasons we expect to see more Griffons in need of rescue and indeed one of our more recent rescues came from an unethical breeder and was in very poor condition.
We are fortunate to have a number of very dedicated people in our club who are always willing to help a Griffon in need and we have some every knowledgeable people who are able to help rehabiliate a rescue Griffon and restore it to health and confidence.
Below are links to some heartwarming stories about some of our rescue Griffons- all of which had a happy ending

Contact Details

Secretary: Marousa Polias - [email protected]