2020 Virtual Griffon Show

The Online Dog Show 2020



The Country Griffon Bruxellois Club of NSW was forced to cancel their Championship shows, due to be held on April 4th 2020, because of the Corona virus lock downs.
Instead, for some fun and to share and celebrate our lovely Griffons, the club held an on line show on their Face Book Group, Griffons NSW.

It was open to Griffons all around the world and to Griffons, both the past and present.
There was no entry fee and the dogs were not judged


The Rules

  1. There will be no judging- every dog is a winner. Dogs can be current show dogs or dogs from the past, from any country
  2. Post at least one photo of your dog in a profile stand. Up to 3 photos of the same dog
  3. Give your dogs’ full name and titles. Plus, the class that the dog is entered in
    Entry is free
  4. Because it is an Australian show the dogs will be entered in Australian classes.

They are:

  • Baby puppy (dog or bitch) 3-6 months of age
  • Minor Puppy (dog or bitch) 6-9 months of age
  • Puppy (dog or bitch) 6-12 months of age
  • Junior (dog or bitch) 12-18 months of age
  • Intermediate (dog or bitch) 18 months- 3 yrs
  • Australian bred (dog or bitch.) any dog bred in Australia over 6 months
  • Bred by Exhibitor (dog or bitch) any dog over 6 months owned and bred by same person
  • Open- (dog or bitch) any dog over 6 months
  • Veteran (dog or bitch) any dog over 7 years
  • Neuter (dog or bitch) any neutered dog over 6months

Plus Golden Oldies for any Griffon 10 years or older

The  ‘show’ ran for one week and we had a wonderful response with many beautiful and much- loved Griffons entered.

Catalogue Format
In this catalogue the classes are not split into dog and bitch but are combined. Each dog is allocated half a page
If a dog is a champion or multiple champion I have just put Ch in front of the name to save space.
As our shows always begin with a Parade of the Golden Oldies, the catalogue also begins with them

And now, again just for fun, here is the catalogue for the show.

I hope you enjoy looking at all the Griffons in our catalogue




Contact Details

Secretary: Marousa Polias - [email protected]