Griffon Noses

Griffon Nostrils


The Country Griffon Bruxellois Club of NSW Inc, via the club’s Face Book group, requested that members share photos of their Griffon Bruxellois’ noses over a five-day period of time.
There are over 2,000 members of the group and they come from all countries around the world. Members comprise of some of the leading Griffon Bruxellois breeders in the world plus many Griffon lovers and owners to whom their dogs are much loved pets.
Where possible I have included the owners name and the country of residence of the dog. The dogs come from a wide range of participating countries with a vast range of varying climactic conditions.
When available the age of the dog in the photo and/or the birthdate has also been provided to show nostrils of Griffons from all ages. The information provided with each photo is the information that the owners chose to include.

The Griffon Breed has three international breed standards and while there are some significant variations in each standard, all three call for a healthy, cheeky, active little dog.

The UK standard (which is also the standard used in Australia and New Zealand)

Temperament: Lively and alert.

Head And Skull:  Head fairly large in comparison to body, rounded but in no way domed, moderately wide between the ears. Hair on skull in roughs rather coarse. Nose always black, with large, open nostrils and definite stop between muzzle and skull. Relatively short, wide muzzle, neat lips, with good turn-up. Chin prominent, in roughs furnished with a beard.

The FCI Standard

 BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Well-balanced little dog, alert, proud, very attached to its owner, very watchful.  Neither timid nor aggressive.

Nose : Black.  The nose is set at the same level as the eyes.  Nose leather is broad with wide-open nostrils.  The tip of the nose is tilted back so that in profile the chin, the nose and the forehead are on the same plane. Muzzle : The foreface including the nose is very short : it must not exceed 1.5 cm.  For the Petit Brabançon a correct foreface appears longer because it has no furnishing.  A poor expression is given by a nonturned-up foreface, just as it is by a nose whose top line lies below the line from the bottom of the eyes and these are both serious faults.

The USA Standard

Skull large and round, with a domed forehead. The stop deep. Nose very black, extremely short, its tip being set back deeply between the eyes so as to form a lay-back. The nostrils large

Thus far the breed has been fortunate because it has not reached the extremes of popularity experienced by other brachycephalic breeds. This means that the puppy farmers and commercial breeders have not had the interest in destroying the breed through greed.
Interestingly some pet owners commented on the difference in health between the griffon they have from an unethical breeder and the Griffon they have from an ethical breeder. Griffons generally meet the breed standards as healthy sturdy dogs

We thank everyone for participating in this.


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