2014 Christmas Party

The club held the 2014 Christmas  Garden party on November 30th at the lovely home of Ros and Dave Finch. The one acre of fully fenced gardens allowed the Griffons to all run and play together all day and they had a wonderful time.

A Fabulous buffet lunch was provided - the food donated by members and prepared by Jane Wistuba,Ros and Dave Fiiinch and Karen Pearce.

 We had 40 members attend and 46 Griffons. 

Because Griffons have such lovely personalities we were able to let them all play together without any concerns and there was never a cross word from them .

There are not many other breeds of dogs where you could introduce almost 50 strange dogs together of ages ranging from 5 months to 12 years and have them all get on together in perfect harmony . It is one of the wonderful thongs about well bred and reared Griffons.

The day was warm so a paddling pool was provided and it proved to be a big hit with all the dogs. 

  At first only the adventurous Griffons jumped in but then as the others realised that was cool they all started to join on the pool fun













As the party progressed the pool became crowded with playful Griffons all splashing in the water 













And of course they Griffons were very happy stop for a pat and a cuddle from anyone who looked as if they would oblige






And they were always happy to have a treat as well




The Griffons had a wonderful time and spent the whole day making new friends and running and playing, zooming around the gardens.




What happens when a Griffon meets a new playmate 

First they play bow to introduce themselves 



Then they start to run and zoom in circles










A short pause then they are off again.

These Griffons met at the party and were firm friends by the end of the day .


The party ended just before a thunderstorm hit and there were a lot of happy and tired Griffons who went home at the end of the day 







Santa also came and the Griffons had their photos taken with him. 



Albus and Santa 















 Boston and Archie with Santa











 Dance and Dumbledore with Santa














 Dolly and Hermione with Santa













Remy the Griffon with dad, Fernando and Santa 











 Grommet the Griffon and Santa

















 Inch High Private Eye meets Santa















 Wicket and Santa















 Jane with Cider and Gigi and Santa













 Ginny meets Santa














Luna and Toffee with Santa 











 Pansy and her son Percival, the youngest Griffon there at only 4 and a half months of age, meet Santa















 Ros Finch, our hostess, with Mischa and Pheobe and Santa













 Scrumpy and Bernadette meet Santa..




 As can be seen everyone had a wonderful time .

Thanks go to Ros and Dave Finch , Jane Wistuba,  and  Jannelle Tremenheere for their hard work in organising the day.

Thanks also to Terri and Grant Odell for the donations and to Karen Pearce for her help.

Our club has always been the friendly club and  days like this are proof of this.









































































































































































































































































































































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